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Hi, I am Mila!
I believe in living a life of passion, inspiration, and meaning. I believe in the sparkle that’s inside you and that the world deserves to see it!

Photography is a great passion of mine. Besides the love for self-discovery, meditation, and wisdom I am a very creative person and love to share the beauty and uniqueness that I see.

The truth is I have always been fascinated with taking pictures, even in the times when no cellphones existed and photography was not as simple and available as it is today.

During the years I had the chance to stand many times in front of the camera and be part of different projects as a model. Even my parents tell me stories that I was a model for the local photographers in my hometown as young as 3 years old.

After my extensive creative experiences, I decided it’s time to take the camera in my hands and explore what wonders I can create with it.
It is still a journey of exploration so here I give you a little glimpse of the results so far.





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Sunday in the vineyards

Sunday in the vineyards

Some years ago I used to be very interested in wine. I even studied at the Wine Academy and could...

Romantic beach sunset

Romantic beach sunset

There are many settings I love for a photoshoot but nothing beats the beach at sunset, especially...

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