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Every Photography Package Includes:

  • short consultation
  • Day-of Photography Schedule
  • free reschedule due to weather conditions
  • guidance on how to pose in a natural way
  • edited photos with color and light correction

* Please, note that by booking a photo shoot you agree to the general Terms and Conditions.


Frequently asked

How do I book a session?

Just click the “book” button or write me an email with the type of package you’ve chosen and we will discuss the details.

How much in advance do I need to book the photoshoot?

The earlier the better, but you can always write for a quick and spontaneous session and I’ll see how I can fit you in my schedule.

Is this a studio or an outdoor photoshoot?

It will be an outdoor photoshoot. I love working with natural light and the environment. My favorite location is the city center but it’s up to you what type of images you need.

How do you edit the photos?

I like to keep my edits as natural as possible and just enhance the photos. All packages include a set of images with color and light correction in Lightroom and a few (depending on the package) edited photos with skin retouch and further enhancement in Photoshop. You can always purchase more Photoshop edits than your package includes for an additional fee per edited photo.

What can I do with the photos?

The photos are for your own personal use. You can do whatever you like apart from using them commercially or selling them to third parties. You can put them on your social media, or website, share them with friends and family, etc. The copyright of the images stays always with the photographer.

What’s the best time for a photoshoot?

Usually early in the morning after sunrise, or in the afternoon around 2 hours before sunset if it’s a sunny day. Also, consider the location you’ve chosen and how busy it is during the day.

Do you send all the raw, unedited photos from the photoshoot?

Raw images are not a true representation of my work, so I do not offer unedited photos. I go through a fine selection process and send a generous selection of the very best images (the amount depends on the package you have chosen).