Hi, I’m

A passionate artist, photographer and lover of all things beautiful

Hi, I am Mila!

I believe in living a life of passion, inspiration, and meaning. I believe in the sparkle inside you and that the world deserves to see it!

I am a portrait, lifestyle, content, and personal branding photographer based in beautiful Vienna. I enjoy working with natural light and the environment to create perfect, candid shots for your website, blog, or social media.

I love working with individuals, couples, travelers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, boss babes, social media enthusiasts… and anyone who wants to feel special and inspired through photography. My goal is to create memories that last forever – both on camera and in your heart.

From creating the perfect cake, the trendiest popsicles, flower boxes, and my friends’ surprise birthday parties, to designing websites, writing articles (I even got my little book on self-discovery published), and taking perfect candied photos – I love all creative expressions.

The truth is I have always been fascinated with taking pictures, even in the times when no smartphones existed and photography was not as available as it is today.

I started out by taking part in different projects as a model, and I absolutely loved the creative process of taking the perfect photo. I always loved photography and dreamed of starting my own business as a photographer to show my unique perspective, capture magical moments and create art with inspiring people. At one point I just got my first camera and decided to make my dream come true. And that was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


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