Mila Buchelli


Photography is a way to capture a precious moment, a mood, a feeling and make them freeze in time, so that you can enjoy and remember them forever. 

If you can tell any story why not tell the best story?

A photo says more than words

Photography is the modern way of communication. Whether in social media, business websites, your blog or just in a frame next to your bed, photos tell stories and communicate values. A simple image can say more than a thousand words because our minds are such designed that they understand much better when they see things rather than any other way. Whether you want to tell the story of who you are, or communicate the character and values of your business or your brand, photos are an essential part of making an impression.
Photography is an art that can communicate and show many different stories in many different ways and all without even saying a word. It can capture and hold a precious moment and freeze it in time so that you can remember and enjoy it forever.
This is my latest hobby and passion and here I share some of the images I’ve taken.

Some images I’ve captured


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