This year’s Valentine’s day has been marked with cold weather, wind, and even a little bit of snow, but that’s nothing unusual for February, after all, it’s still winter time, even if we’d hoped for warmer days, V-day is still pretty likely to be cold. But nothing can come in the way of love, not wind, not frost, and even in that weather we still captured some romantic memories in beautiful Vienna with flowers, balloons, and a good mood, okay maybe a bit of snow, too.

The couple photoshoots are no doubt one of my favorites. I love to celebrate love and February is the perfect time for it. Honestly, I think we’ve invented the winter holidays just to distract our attention from the grey and gloomy weather and have something colorful and joyful to look forward to, and I think it is working. We added color and fun to that winter day with balloons, flowers, and smiles, so we even didn’t notice the cold but left full of inspiration and beautiful memories to hold,

Here are some of my favorite photos from that Valentine’s day inspired photoshoot with the lovely Caroline and Justin – a beautiful couple and fantastic models, too.