The city of love, the city of light, Paris is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and romantic places. This year for my birthday one of my gifts was a romantic trip to Paris, something that’s been on my mind for a long time. Not that I haven’t been to Paris many times before, but I’ve never really had a special and romantic trip there, and believe it or not, I didn’t have any photos from Paris either, despite the many times I was there before. So, apart from enjoying the city, I wanted to find some good photo spots and get a few photos and my absolute favorite view from Paris is the Eiffel tower. Have in mind that Paris is so touristy and if you expect to be the only person taking a photo … well, that won’t be the case but it’s still worth it.

After a few days in Paris I narrowed down my favorite spots to just 3, these were the less crowded and most enjoyable places to take photos. So here they are, enjoy some Paris mood with me.

1. Avenue de Camoens

One of my favorite spots, not far from Trocadero but with much fewer people and photoshoots during the day. We went a few times, in the morning and the afternoon and the street was always almost empty, but not entirely though, that’s a very charming spot with a view to the Eiffel tower so don’t expect to be alone.

2. Avenue de New York and down by the river

Walking down from Trocadero you will find the Avenue de New York with the steps down to the river – another one of my favorite spots. You meet even fewer people here and it feels much more relaxed to have a nice walk and take some photos, and the view, well, the view is amazing.

The reason I don’t include also Trocadero in the list is that I didn’t really like it. There is construction going on and the nicest spots along the stairs are not picturesque anymore, but also there are lots of people taking photos and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Of course, you can have a walk in the area (sunrise is best because later in the day it’s packed) and you might even find a spot you like, but I personally prefer the other sites.

3. Pont Alexandre III

One of the most beautiful bridges over the Seine river, it is spectacular and there is a view of the Eiffel Tower from it. Surely there are some people around but you can still find a spot for a nice photo. The light is especially nice at sunset, it is so romantic and so picturesque.

Before I went to Paris I was expecting to have long romantic walks and take some photos from time to time in a relaxed and joyful way, but to tell you the truth, everyone wants that nice photo with the Eiffel Tower so if you are going prepare that you won’t be the only one posing for that shot.

If you have just a weekend in Paris, these are some nice and relaxed spots to both enjoy your time and get a nice photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background and that romantic Paris mood. There are of course many more nice places, but they tend to get overcrowded with photoshoots, and trying to get the best spot can take away the joy from the whole experience which is not to my taste, so I decided to skip them and enjoy the rest of my time in the most romantic city walking hand in hand with my partner, having coffees and croissants in the sun, discovering the secret corners, and of course, tasting some Champagne and local delicacies.