If you have just started your business and you are looking for ways to promote your brand there is one very fundamental first step you need to take – choosing your brand’s name.
It might sound too obvious but I tell you, I have had clients who want me to make their website but they had no clue what their business name would be … and that for over a year.

Your brand’s name is going to be the most memorable part of your business. It is going to be on your business cards, on your print materials, the domain of your website, your social media profiles, on the mouth of your clients, everywhere, your business will be remembered by that one single name you choose for your brand.

When you think about it that way, it is a very important and big step. The clients I mentioned couldn’t decide on their name for over a year and guess what … no website and marketing materials could be made because of that, no social media, no business cards, nothing. They were just counting on their physical connections which got them just a few clients at that time. But once I helped them finally come up with their brand’s name, their business skyrocketed and they couldn’t even manage the high volume of clients they were getting. That’s just how fundamental your brand’s name is.

But how to choose it? Should you use your own name, your family name, your pet’s name? Or a word that means something to you? Should it be one word, or a phrase? How long is too long? Or what if the name you chose is already taken?

Here are the 3 types of brand names you can create.

  • Use your own name.
    Many people would go for their name as their brand’s name. That is useful if you are the one managing your business – if you are a consultant, designer or anything solo. The pros of that is that you don’t have to think a second how to name your business, the solution is already there. People will easily remember you and associate you, your name will be your brand and you can market it 24/7 just by saying “Hi!”.

    The down side about it is that … well your name will be everywhere. Some people are dying for this but others, well, need their privacy. Whenever someone googles your name, they will see all the stuff you have on the internet about your business and of course when you run a business you need the publicity and content online. However, it might be a bit difficult to separate your personal life and privacy from your business. So, if you choose your name to be your brand prepare to be transparent for your audience, family and friends.

    If you want to avoid the chance of being googled by random strangers on the street that want to hang out with you, but still use your name for your brand you can always add a little twist to it. You can use just your first name and a nickname for example. Or change your family name a bit to just be somehow different than your passport but still keep the core of it. I always recommend to use a nickname rather than your full name except if you are one of those people who just love to be in the spotlight.
    You can also use just your family name or add a twist to it like changing a few letters and then voila, you have your brand’s name.
    Be creative and you’ll have numerous possibilities.

  • Use a word with special meaning
    You can look for a word that has a special meaning for you. For example, the name of a deity that symbolizes your values, or the name of a flower that means something you believe in. Just make a list of your interests and the things that mean something to you.
    Do you love flowers? Are you a spiritual or yoga enthusiast? Do you love traveling? Are you fascinated by the cosmos? What is it you are really passionate about?
    Then from your list think of something in that area that has a special meaning to you or maybe means something you value.
    For example, you love the sea. What are all the things you associate the sea with? Seagulls, seashells, starfish, beach waves, sailing, sailors, pirates, mermaids, etc.
    Then look if there is something that symbolizes the spirit of your business. Maybe find the word for it in another language like how is starfish in Greek? Or in some ancient language?
    Make a list of all the different variations and options and then see what resonates most with you.

  • Use a combination of words to make a new one
    You can also create a completely new word that had no meaning before and add the meaning of your brand to it. That way your name will be surely unique.
    Keep it short though – under ten letters is ideal. The shorter the catchier.

You can start by making a list of words that are relevant to your business. List all the words you can think of. You can also add words you love or have a special meaning to you.
Then try to cut and combine the words to create a catchy and memorable name for your business.
The more unique and different the word is, the easier it will be for your clients to memorize it and associate your brand with it.

Whatever name you choose, whether it will be your own name, a nickname, a Greek goddess name or a totally new word you came up with, it is essential you make up your mind about it because it will be the very foundation of your business. It will also be the name your customers and clients will remember and recommend.
Even if you have difficulties picking up a name or think you didn’t do a great job with the one you chose, remember, it is your business that will give the meaning to the name. The quality of your product or service is that what people are after and when you have a name that is easily remembered that’s a sure way to keep your customers engaged.