Some years ago I used to be very interested in wine. I even studied at the Wine Academy and could identify a wine’s origin and vintage with just a sip. For me, it was a kind of art. The way winemakers communicate with the vine, gently collect the grapes and create a masterpiece in their cellars that can tell stories after years of aging. It’s a fascinating process. My favorite part has always been visiting the vineyards. There is just something special about it. Living hand in hand with nature, nurturing life, and creating an impeccable wine through know-how, wisdom, and being in harmony and one with the universe … there is just so much romance about it.

But vineyards are not just for wine lovers and winemakers … vineyards are such beautiful scenery for a walk, a picnic, or just a casual Sunday afternoon in late, late summer when the leaves are slowly starting to turn and the sun is gently warming the Earth.

And that’s exactly my new photo inspiration. We made some casual photos on a Sunday afternoon in the beautiful, Austrian vineyards with my sister. It’s one of our favorite spots for a refreshing and relaxing walk in nature. One can even spot from time to time a few deers enjoying the sunshine.

Here are my favorite photos.