Summer is such a lovely season – everything is fresh and green, the days are long, the evenings are warm and there is so much you can do – go to the seaside, stay in the countryside, enjoy the summer in the city. I love all places in summer but indeed summer in the countryside is special. There are the picturesque fields of sunflowers, wheat, and corns, lavender’s purple sceneries, and the vineyards inviting you to dream. As a countryside girl myself, I love to spend time walking in the sunflowers or along the corn fields, especially at sunset. I sometimes feel like a star in a romantic movie, you know the one that just feels so sweet. And you won’t be surprised that I don’t like to miss taking some photos in this perfect scenery.
So, here is some summer inspiration coming fresh from the countryside. I still feel the sweet aroma of the sunflowers, the tranquility of the fields, and the dreaminess of the sunset.