I absolutely love summer. The long days, the warm evenings, the blooming flowers, and the smile on people’s faces. It’s a wonderful time to meet up with friends, have long walks, travel and enjoy the sunny days.
And also, summer is one of the best times for photoshoots. You get long days and can be very flexible with the time of the photos, you get excellent sunshine and on top of that the weather allows you to wear your favorite dress without any worry. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to summer photoshoots. I most like that there are so many different sceneries and moods you can create in summer that you can easily make content for the whole year ahead to post on your blog or social media.

Here I want to share with you some of my favorite settings for a photoshoot in summer and some images that I have had my family or friends take of me as an inspiration. I’ve edited all photos in a natural way. I like to make very small changes to the images to enhance their colors or improve the light, but I always strive for natural photos.

  1. Summer in the city
    If you live in a city definitely do not miss the chance to make a city photoshoot. You can just wander on the streets wearing your favorite dress, get some of those flowers in the background, make a picnic, drink coffee in a nice caffe … So many options. So, if you are looking for an easy photoshoot location in summer start with your favorite spots in the city you live. You can even catch the golden hour and get some dreamy portraits.

2. Travel
Don’t forget to snap a picture of your favorite trips. Even if you are just visiting a neighboring town or city, it’s a chance to get some nice photos in a new location.
When you travel somewhere you can look online for local photographers and reach out to ask for some advice or even take your best travel photos.

3. Beach
Nothing beats the beach in summer. If you go to the sea you must take photos at the beach at golden hour. Golden hour is the time right one hour before sunset. At that time the light is very soft and you can make dreamy photos. I especially like the effect when I have the sun almost minutes before it sets in the background.

4. Nature
I absolutely love to take photos outside the city. Wheat or cornfields are really nice settings for your nature, summer portraits. Depending on the area you live in you might want to check them out at the end of June and the beginning of July. If you live more north maybe even later.

5. Sunflower
An absolute favorite and a must! Sunflowers are like a symbol of summer. Such a dreamy setting for a photoshoot and one that will keep you warm the rest of the year when you look at your favorite photos from that location. The best time is sunset or sunrise, but sunset is easier to catch and also since this is not the city probably there won’t be any people and you can freely take as many pictures as you like.