Vienna is such a lovely city with its stunning architecture, green parks, fairytale-like little streets, and picturesque corners everywhere around. And every season has its charm, beauty, and unique feeling.

Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons with the lovely smell of flowers in the air and the parks full of blossoming trees, it doesn’t get more romantic than that. It is the time that nature is waking up from its winter sleep and people start going out, having long walks around the parks … and taking pictures of the beautiful spring scenery.

Here, I share with you my personal favorite places around the Vienna city center where I like to stroll and take pictures whether, with my camera or smartphone, a selfie or professional photoshoot, it is always a joy to make the most of this colorful season and capture some beauty.

  1. Stadtpark

    Every year around march you can see crowds of people in Stadtpark gathering around one of the most instagrammable trees in Vienna. Its lovely pink flowers attract photographers, travelers, influencers, and just the occasional passing spectators. If you pass by Stadtpark in spring make sure to snap a photo of yourself with this famous tree. The best time is early in the morning when there are no crowds yet and the light is just perfect for a professional photo shoot or for a simple selfie.

  2. Nothing beats instagrammable hotspots in spring like the most famous magnolia tree in Vienna that is near the Votivkirche. There are probably thousands of photos of it circulating social media in spring and there is a good reason for it – it is stunning. You can capture the lovely flowers of the magnolia with the background of the church’s architecture. It is just a magnificent setting. Whether you want to take photos of the flowers or you want to pose with the pink magnolias, you should definitely stop by. Beware, there could sometimes be a line of people waiting to take a picture with the tree so choose a suitable time and don’t forget to wear light colors because they make for the best spring photos.

  3. Burggarten
    This is a beautiful park in the 1st district of Vienna where you can find amazing architecture, flowers, and blossoming trees. Whatever you choose, it is a nice place even just for a walk and there are hardly any people taking pictures there so you can easily pose like a model without being shy that anyone would stare.

  4. Goldenes Quartier
    You might know this place for its luxury designer shops, 5-star hotels, and fancy cafes, but one thing I love about it is that they change their decoration according to the season. This year they have put a wisteria tunnel that was just the perfect spot for spring photos and you can always combine it with some fancy, fashion photos.

  5. The small streets of the 1st district
    Vienna is famous for its small, hidden streets, cute courtyards, and fairytale-like buildings. You can always just get lost in the inner city and discover your own favorite spots to snap a photo and spring is the perfect time of the year for it because it is not too hot but warm enough to wear a nice spring outfit and enjoy a walk outside for hours. What better way to relax than take your camera or smartphone and stroll through the streets of the city to discover your own favorite corners.