I just love May in Vienna! It is one of the most picturesque months with its blooming flowers, the nice, warm temperatures, and the super soft and gentle sunshine. For this occasion, I wanted to make a soft photoshoot with pastel colors and a gentle look.
I absolutely love to create these soft, natural portraits, and outfits in light colors are my absolute favorites, especially in Vienna city center because of the classy architecture and the nice color combinations.

We met with the lovely Vanessa in the first district in Vienna and had a walk around my favorite corners of the city taking some lovely, airy, and light images. I did only very small retouching to the images to enhance the natural colors and kept them as natural and as straight from the camera as possible. Honestly, there was nothing really to edit about them.

But let me not try to convince you with words. Here you can see some of my favorite photos from our photoshoot. It was a great joy to make these photos together because she is genuinely such a lovely person and this style looks gorgeous on her.

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