You have a business and you are wondering how to present and communicate your value in the online world?

You think you need a website but you don’t know where to start and how to make it?

You know you have to put yourself out there and tell people about who you are and what you do but your thoughts keep running around the place and can’t figure out how to present yourself in an attractive way?

Let me tell you something, your website is your business card. It is an essential and important part of your brand and it is the first impression and connection between you and your potential clients. And it can either attract customers and get you sales or it can repulse and make people run to your competition for advice.

Okay, okay, you know all that but where to start and how to make it?

First of all you need some clarity. And if you don’t have clarity how can your website visitors have any clarity on what you offer? So, let’s take the whole bunch of random thoughts and ideas aside and focus on some key points that will build the core of your website and brand.

Here are the 3 pillars on which to build your website and how to go about them.

1. What is the brand about?

First of all when a person visits your website they want to know what this page/ brand/ business is about and how can it serve them.

The home or landing page of your website needs to communicate your brand’s message and values in a straight and clear way. It is the first impression your visitors get and the decisive point on do they want to look further/ is it something for them or do they leave.

So you need to make sure you have a good and catchy summary of your business – tell people in one or two sentences what you are all about. Come up with a catchy slogan. Then have a short paragraph going more into details of your service/ product. Tell them what problem you will solve for them or what value you will add to their lives.
Show your brand’s core values and what you stand for.

For example if your business is let’s say making sea shell jewelry. Let’s imagine it’s the ZenShell Luster.

You want to have a beautiful landing page with high quality images of your jewelry and a little summary of who you are.

For example: The ZenShell Luster is a sustainable jewelry brand that creates one-of-a-kind pieces of hand crafted jewelry. Each one of the shells we put in our pieces are hand-picked by us from the sea shore of A country.

That little message says in a short and elegant way what you do and what makes your brand unique. It also creates interest and makes people want to see and hear more about your product.

It’s important to not give tons of information and text because that has a high chance of repulsing people. They will probably not have the interest to read all of that at first but rather get fast to the point of what this website is about. So that’s what you need to do – give them a brief overview rather than bore them with tons of unnecessary details.

Then when you scroll down the Home page you discover more information about the values of your company.

Example: Uniqueness – Individuality – Nature

Today’s world is turning into a huge mass production. You can see millions of people have and wear the exact same thing you bought yesterday. At the end you end up with just the next piece of identical product with no meaning or specialty behind it. And the worst is its production might also be harming our beautiful planet earth.

The ZenShell Luster is different.

We care about uniqueness, individuality and most of all nature.

We create jewelry that is produced in harmony with life. We pick and do everything by hand and that makes it special and unique. You can be sure that no piece is like the other and each one is made with love and respect for our beautiful planet.

The message in the example is catchy, elegant, clean and easy to understand. It communicates the company’s values and shares its message in a direct and enchanting way.

2. Who are we?

Another essential point is having an About us page that shares your brand’s story and connects with your audience. Depending on your business you can share a more personal message that helps people understand who you are and make them feel connected to you. You can tell an intimate story of something that shifted in your life that made you come up with your service or product.
This will make your product feel more personal and unique and create credibility.

Let’s get back to the ZenShell Luster.

What’s our story?

It all started with our love for beauty and nature.
We are 3 friends – Lisa, Marie and Sarah who grew up in the big city but very fast recognized the need for something more. Having seen the rising consumerism, hectic and shallowness of today’s world we wanted to escape the busy life of the city and connect with nature more. We moved to the coastal area of A country 3 years ago and fell in love with its beauty, its life and the harmony that prevails.
That’s when our creativity was inspired and one day while admiring the sea shells at the shore an idea came – an idea to remind people of that beauty and harmony which is available when we slow down and remember what’s important in life.
We decided to create jewelry as a symbol – a symbol of appreciation and remembrance, a symbol of authenticity and connection with mother earth and mostly a symbol of uniqueness, as each piece of life is so unique we wanted to make each one of our handcrafted jewelry one of a kind.

3. What do we offer?

The next important page you should focus on is your Services/ Products/ Offers page.
It’s important to be very clear on it so that people can easily understand.

With our example of the ZenShell Luster it’s easy.

You can find our available pieces on this page with a short description of their meaning.

And there will be the picture of each product and a short description.
If you are offering services or coaching packages or online programs you will have more work to do. But the essential is to make it structured and easy to grasp. You don’t want your potential clients get confused and lost while trying to figure out what on earth you are offering and how they can buy it. Make it easy, make it catchy, make it memorable and most of all communicate it in such a way that people will desperately want it.

If you follow these simple steps you will promptly navigate your way through building your website and telling your story. When you focus on the essential points and don’t get lost in unnecessary, impersonal details, data, surveys, studies or whatever many people post on their site instead of making it straight to the point, your visitors will easily find out if this is the thing they were looking for. And when you know the art of telling a story and making an impression you can be sure that they will want to have it all – your blog posts, your social media posts, your free products, your paid products, your services, programs, and all you have to offer.

You want to tell that one-of-a-kind, I-want-it-all story?

Well, you might be just lucky because I can help you with that.
Check out my offers if you still need help with your website and communicating your unique message, values and story and don’t be shy to get in touch.



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