Stories are everything. Our life is all made of stories – the stories of our childhood, the stories of our relationships, of our life experiences, of our likes and dislikes, of our work and business.

The stories we tell ourselves and others determine our reality. What we deeply believe to be true becomes our experience.

Just make a little experiment – look at your past year and try to tell the story of what happened there. First tell a story of all the things that went wrong and didn’t work. Try to think and talk about the little problems you had, the challenges, the difficult moments. Tell about the things you didn’t like in that year.

Now tell a different story – look at all the good things that happened for you last year. Tell the story of all your successes, all the things that went well, all the little joys and happy moments. What was the greatest thing that happened last year? What made you happiest? How did you grow and what valuable things you learned?

Then notice the difference. Notice how you feel when you tell each story. Notice how it influences your ideas about yourself, how it could influence other people’s attitude towards you.
Just a story and what effect.

It is very important what we tell ourselves and the world because it determines both our future decisions and actions and the reaction and attitude of other people towards us.
And you can see each situation has hundreds of viewpoints, so if you can tell any story why not tell the best story?

When it comes to your business there are two sides of your story.

First of all there is the story that you tell yourself about your business.

Are you focusing predominantly on the successes you’ve had and the things you’ve achieved however big or small? Or are you looking at the failures?
Do you tell yourself the story of how great your business is, how helpful it is to people, what amazing potential it has, what great opportunities there are ahead of you?

Or are you having doubts? Are you thinking that the economy is in a bad state right now, that people can’t pay the price for your services or products, that maybe you are not good enough or what you offer is not needed?

You see, our thoughts determine our actions so when we focus on the negative side of things we tend to take less initiative and risks and prepare for a failure.
On the other hand, when we focus on all the possibilities and successes we’ve had, we start to take bolder actions and stand up for ourselves and our business.

The biggest reason why companies fail and entrepreneurs close their businesses is mostly because they’ve talked themselves into doing so. They’ve convinced themselves that it is not going to work and that’s why their business got to the point that it’s not working. They didn’t take any actions because they told themselves that their business is doomed. And guess what – that’s exactly what happened.

And that’s true for every aspect of our lives. The story we tell ourselves is guiding our feelings, our moods and actions to ultimately experience and materialize what we thought to be true.

And how about the story your brand tells the world?

You know how sometimes you come across a product and it catches your attention? You look up the company’s website, you see their social media profiles and then you come across their advertisements and slowly they start growing on you to the point that you start thinking that buying their offers is a matter of life and death? You simply don’t know how you have at all lived without owning their products up until now.

That’s the art of telling a story and making an impression.

In order to be captivating your brand needs a good message that is well communicated through all channels and platforms. And mostly your message needs to be tailored to your ideal clients and audience.

You’ve noticed what an impact a story can have? It creates thoughts and feelings in you and influences your actions and decisions.

A powerful story is a piece of art.

It is very important what kind of story your brand tells because it will influence the world, it will influence people and it is up to you what kind of impact you want to have.

Years ago maybe people thought that it’s enough to show their product with no great story behind it, especially in the time that the internet and social media were not the place where people spent a good half of their days.

But nowadays it is the story and the brand’s message that’s the core of the business.

When I choose between different brands to buy a certain product, I often am curious to hear their philosophy and what they stand for.

Why did they start this business? Who were the people who founded it? What was their vision and desires? How did their personality influence their brand? What do they symbolize? What kind of values am I buying?

People buy stories, people buy an experience.

I buy that expensive pair of shoes over another one because of the way the brand communicates its story. I wear the elegance and precision that are the brand’s motto. My heart corresponds with the shoemaker’s story, with his values and ideas. I feel connected and I feel a resonance.

I buy the perfume because of the family that started the brand years ago. Because of what they believed to be true back then, I can feel it in the scent, I can smell their philosophy and it corresponds with me.

I buy that chocolate because of the captivating story of the happy cow whose milk was used and the harmony in which people live where they make it. Because there is a story behind it that speaks of the countryside’s peaceful and blissful lifestyle and I feel connected.

It is the story that makes me feel good about myself for using this product.

So, how are you captivating your audience? What kind of experience are you creating for them through your philosophy, through your brand’s values and image?

A story has a great power. When it comes to your business it’s both the story you tell to yourself and the story your brand tells to the world that matters.

Your business will be just as successful and unique as your story is.
And everyone has a good story, everyone has something special about them to share and inspire others. You just need to look in the right directions and focus on the right things and there you can find a story that can transform the lives of many.

So, what’s your story?

Photo by Flor Blake Photography