Mila buchelli

Holistic Living

My joy is to support you in creating a life of meaning and passion, a life that inspires and matters!
I believe we all have that special sparkle and I am here to inspire you uncover yours!

If you can tell any story why not tell the best story?

Ready to stand out?

What is holistic living?

Let me tell you something, if there is one thing that I know for sure it’s that life is supposed to be magical and wonderful and each one of us has what it takes to make it so.
I know sometimes we fail to see our own beauty and the possibilties that surround us due to past negative experiences and conditioning, combined with negative believes and feelings BUT the good news is that this can change! And it can change TODAY!

I stand for holistic living!
What means holistic living? It means to embrace, accept, love and unfold all sides of your being. It means letting your life be a flowering and celebration. It means living with joy and above all letting that joy from within your soul flow.

What will we speak about in a session?


The foundation of any happy and holistic living is above all knowing yourself in your deepest core, discovering the depth and space of your Being. Discovering what it means to live here and now in harmony with who you are.


I believe a holistic living can be achieved only if rooted in meditation and inner-realization.
In our time together we will learn how to get in touch with our Self and rest in our Being.


Letting go of limiting beliefs is essential for being able to live in the present, in the joy of here and now.
We will do holistic healing that will help you release what no longer serves you and embrace new horizons of possibilties.


Living a life of inspiration and passion is really what matters.
We all have what it takes to make our lives shine but sometimes we forget to see all the beautiful qualities we have inside of us. We will rediscover all that which makes us unique.

You deserve a life of
joy and passion!

You know what? I discovered a little secret and it’s that if life brought you here on this journey it is for a reason. And not only that but it gave you everything you need to make your existence beautiful and thriving.
Yes, sometimes we forget, but I am here to remind you!

How do I know all that?

To tell you the truth I’ve also been on that journey – the journey of trying to fit in and make a living to satisfy everyone around me.
But guess what? I found out it doesn’t really work, or at least not for me.

It was early in my life when I decided I will stand for what I love and who I am and really go for what I am passionate about.
It wasn’t long since then that life took me on a crazy spiritual self-discovery journey where I had a deep realization.
I spent years exploring the topic of self-discovery, meditation, human mind and inner Being. I even spent some time living side by side with an englightened master.
And not only that – I went further into completing educations of NLP, therapy, healing with some of the greatest teachers I could encounter.

So, finally all that made me realize that true happiness comes from sharing and so I went on letting that light I’ve discovered inside shine and touch the lives of those around.

Holistic Packages

Choose between my current offers.

30 day program

Holistic healing

Join me for a month of harmony and healing.
In this offer we will have a 1-hour introduction Session in which we will speak about all that makes you shine or hides your light.
I will make an assessment of how I can support you on your journey.
Following you will receive twice a week a full holistic healing distant Session that will truly help you reconnect with yourself, let go of what no longer serves you and uncover your natural joy and lightness of being.

We will have another 40min talk in the middle of the month to see what’s changed and how life’s been going on.
I will be available via email during that month and will be happy to answer all your questions.


Day Intensive

You want to spend a day of inspiration?
In this VIP offer we will meet for breakfast in the morning and discover how I can best serve you and support you on your journey.
We will spend a day of holistic healing, meditation, intuitive guidance and most of all good energy and fun.
You will be able to ask me any questions and I will be there to support you.
We will have delicious healthy meals and decide what we will do from there.
A Day Intensive can be done in Vienna or other place that’s on my current traveling schedule.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch and see where we can meet.
I will be available 1 week after our day intensive to answer any question via email.

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