Are you ready for the newest photo inspiration?

Last week we met with the absolutely gorgeous Susi to make some feel-good, exotic, sunny portraits. My idea was to try something different in terms of locations and mood and also have a sunset backlight. Luckily, while I was waiting for Susi I had a little walk in the area and discovered some pretty spots that give a little bit of exotic, Mediterranean feel. In the end, we got some amazing shots and I am super happy with the results. When I look at some of the photos I really can’t guess they are taken in Vienna.

I so much loved the locations and poses that the memory cards I had got full at the end which never happened to me before so I didn’t have any extras with me and we had to cut the session a bit shorter than planned but surely we will have another one in summer and I am so excited about it.

But enough talk, here are my favorite photos from that day!

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