Hi, I am Mila!

If there is one thing I am passionate about, it’s bringing value, creating beauty and helping you live a life of meaning and passion.
I believe in soulful entepreneurship. I belive in you creating the business you love, living the life you love and making the world a brighter place by doing things with joy and passion.
When it comes to business there is one thing that’s for sure – you will be just as successful as good and unique your story is.


Vision Passion value

Every business starts with a vision but what makes a brand really stand out is the quality of how you communicate it.

Hi, I am Mila!

I am a story teller, certified NLP master, holistic practitioner, writer, speaker and artist.

I enjoy helping entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses  create a soulful brand and a story that speaks into people’s hearts.

Your brand and business is my passion and that’s why I am committed to make it shine.

Above all that I can describe myself is that I am an artist. I love to add that special sparkle to everything I do and make the world a brighter and lovelier place. I live with passion and vision and I always see the hidden possibilities how to turn something simple or unspectacular into something gorgeous and thriving.

I have passed through different entrepreneurial phases in my life and it has enriched and developed my vision into how to tell the story of a brand in a high quality and soulful way that speaks into people’s hearts.

Apart from it I have a background in NLP, coaching, therapy and I know some little secrets of how our mind works and processes information and I am the fairy that knows how to create an image that will give exactly the right message to the audience that matters.


My values


The quality of actions determines the quality of the results.


Uncovering the unique story of everything is embracing diversity.


Revealing the beauty in the simple things brings real  joy.


Living with passion is what inspires change.


Creating meaning for others through business and action.


Doing things from a space of consciousness and harmony.


Inspired actions turn simple things into gold.


Clean design and harmony always bring good results.

My Past Projects

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